Problem with import laser cutter device configuration file


I work with a place where there is a Laser Cutter Thermoflan Eko with a Ruida 644 XS Controller.

They have export the lbdev from the lightburn installed on their computer and they send it to me.

I have bought lightburn and right now i would like to import the lbdev file in my light burn.

The problem is that when i import the file, nothing appears.

In the list of my devices, it is blank.

So i try to create manually. But i don’t find Ruida in it.

Could you help me cause i can’t make it works.

They also gave me other files.

Thank you for your help.

Kind regards


I know nothing about Ruida’s however it would appear you have purchased the G-Code licence you will need to upgrade to the DSP licence for an extra $60, which would make it the same price as if you had purchased the DSP version in the first place :+1:

The problem is that i will not connect my computer with the ruida, i want to make the modification on the laser files, then put it on a usb key and then use the usb key with the computer which is connected with the ruida. I just want to use the lightburn on my computer to prepare my laser cut files.

It won’t connect until you purchase a DSP key… Did you?

You didn’t state if you had a dsp license or not.

You need to explain what you are doing in a way that is a little more clear.

How are you trying to connect, usb or Ethernet?

What do you mean by USB key?


You could try clicking on the devices button and then import the lbdev file. However I don’t know whether this would work or not without having the DSP licence.

Alternatively couldn’t you just create a Grbl profile then modify the Lbrn files at home, albeit the device profile would be different but the files you modify would load okay on the works computer.

Ok i ll try to explain more. I don’t have dsp licence.
I live in France, and in France we have fablab. Fablab is a place where people can come and learn how to use laser cutter, etc. It is an organization.
The fablab near my house has bought a ruida controller with an eko and the lightburn software for the dsp.
When we are at the fablab, we use the computer which is connected to the ruida, and it works like a charm.

I m working for this fablab for free, as i will help people to build an arcade using laser cutter as a workshop.

So i have bought lightburn to install it on my computer, i have no dsp at home, as i want to prepare the workshop and then i will put on an usb key the files i have prepare on my computer, and use this usb key on the computer at the fablab, connected to the ruida, to cut the arcade files.

The answer from support :
If you’re never going to connect directly to a machine, and would prefer not to do that, you can manually create a device profile choosing an arbitrary device type. That will allow you to use LightBurn’s design tools and set most of the important parameters like speed and power, but you’ll be unable to save your files in RD format and send them directly to a machine. You’ll need to save as .lbrn2 files and transfer them to another PC that supports DSP devices beforehand.

Thank you all :slight_smile:

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