Problem with laser auto aligning drawing

so its done it since i first got the laser and the company i bought it from shortly went under so i have just been dealing with it. now im trying to run light burn and would like the camera to work properly so i need to fix the issues.
1: it mirrors every drawing and cuts opposite so i have to mirror everything before i send it. it origins at the top left and the settings say it is the top right. (i believe this laser was for signs?)
2: no matter where i place the drawing in light burn it places it in the top left of the laser.

does these issues with lightburn and with lasercad so i am thinking its a laser issue but i cant really understand how to fix it without running the risk of messing it up.

There are a few things to unpack here.

Do you have the model number of the controller?

I believe that the axis direction is a controller setting.
I would attempt to reverse the direction of the x-axis.

When connected to the engraver in LightBurn, have a look in the Machine Settings and see what’s available there.

thanks for the reply the controller is a trocen awc 708c lite

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