Problem with laser head homing

I decide write here ,because I can’t get help from seller.

I have Atomstack A 10 pro machine. Problem concern a moving home position a laser.

I am using Light Burn and GRBL software, so I am re-installing both programs. Problem still exist.

When I push the “home” button in the program the head of laser wants to go outside a frame.

I asked the seller about this issue and his solution was to check the cables in the steering box, but the cables are ok (the machine is new ). Next step what I am did , was make step by step with instructions on your forum " LightBurn Software Documentation" about set up machine .

Using your guidance in theory, the machine should go back to primal settings in the program. Unfortunately when I push the home button , the laser head wants to go outside the frame.

Any suggestions on how to fix this issue?

Is it possible your machine does not have homing switches? If not then you should not be pressing the home button.

You would need to manually home by putting the machine to front-left position before powering on.

this link lead to my channel , and I upload a short video about my issue
can you watch and comment what problem is?

I’ll ask again, does your machine have limit switches for homing? If not, then don’t push the home button as it doesn’t work for your machine and cause it to crash.

If your machine does have limit switches for homing then they’re not working correctly and need to determine why. But let’s firm confirm the easier question.

The switch may look something like this:

You can watch this video to better understand the role of limit switches and what to look for:
Go Home! - Installing Limit Switches On A Diode Laser - YouTube

According to this page your machine should have homing switches.
Test: Atomstack A10 S10 Pro X7 Pro - Superior Features - Best In Its Class? - 2022 - Hobby Laser Cutters and Engravers

Can you confirm this is your same machine?

In that case, make sure that the machine is able to physically activate both switches. There should be one that detects Y home and one that detects X home. Manually move the laser head toward the front-left and feel and listen for the clicking activation. You should get distinct activations for each axis.

If you do not get activation for one or both then check why mechanically they are not able to reach and resolve that.

If they are activating then run a few tests.

  1. manually move the laser head away from home, then push home button. Does the laser head move toward home in both X and Y directions?
  2. If it hits X first, does it stop moving in that direction and proceed along Y? Similarly, if it hits Y first does it stop and proceed along X?
  3. In Console issue ? command once. Then while holding down X limit switch manually, issue ? command again. Do the same with Y switch. Post results of all 3 commands.

In LightBurn check you machine setting to see if it shows your work area as 410 x 400 or whatever the AtomStack A10 Pro can handle. look in the Console for what the X and Y values are.
Try changing the settings to say 300 x 300 and then run FRAME to see if it tracks as expected.

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