Problem with Lens Calibration Wizard

When I use the Lens calibration wizard it shows the dots fine. I press the Capture button and it comes back with a figure of 0.14 which it says is 'Great! Click Next. However after I click Next nothing happens, it just stays on the Capture screen, and only the Cancel and Back buttons are active. If I click on either of them then when I go to Calibrate Camera Alignment it says that you need to run Lens Calibration Wizard first.
What is going wrong here? Am I missing something?
Running latest version on iMac.


you have to do a complete “set” of captures , not just one,

after each capture the photo changed telling you where to place the pattern next.
once the entire set of captures is complete , there will be no more “next “ button .

i hope this is helpful.

When you click ‘Next’ the sample image changes to show you where to move the pattern card to, and there are 9 captures in total to take. If you get really good scores for the first 5, you’ll have the option to skip taking the corner captures (they’re a pain in the butt).

Thanks Oz. Can I suggest some sort of message that provides that information as I didn’t notice that the picture had changed or that I was to continue capturing?

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Thanks Barrie, Oz has replied too.

cheers Chris

yes, i agree with you , it’s not obvious that the image has changed.

it would be clearer if there was a header
“capture 1 of 9” etc. which changed to indicate progress.

once you have the camera calibrated , it is a whole new world .

i love it so much that i’ve ordered the new high res camera to replace my current one. it arrives here in uk tomorrow.

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