Problem with lightburn 1.4.05 engraving letters

Hi, I’m using lightburn 1.4.05 for about a year now and since 2 days it’s start to mist print letter.
It’s start when I engrave a little trophee for a friend and the next day I tried to add a name on it and it when wrong. If I change a setting it was by accident and I can’ figure it out.
Your help would be realy appreciated

It looks like you’re losing steps somewhere.

Check belt tension.

Ok, thanks, I will verify, but I notice that the last few past of the laser the speed slow down.
When I look at the letters it’s looks like the top part of the letters are upside down.
Really weird.

And if I burn a saved project it seen to work okay.

Does this occur every time you try to burn this?

If so, go to File->Save gcode, save with .txt extension and upload the file here.

Here’s the project did, at first it was the image the text, when upload it the next day to add names, the letters ‘‘O’’ was suppose to be over the L and the top part of the ‘‘R’’ look upside down.

The g-code looks fine. It’s most likely going to be something mechanical. Do a full mechanical review but especially check belt tension, likely on the Y axis.

I didn’t realize the French word for dart was dart. Very cool.

In fact ‘‘dart’’ in french is suppose to be ‘‘dard’’ or ‘‘fléchette’’ my friend send me the text and I did not realize the mistake.

Thanks for your help, I will do a complete check up of my machine

Haha. I knew it couldn’t be that easy. I was imagining the ‘t’ to be silent.

Let us know how you carry on.

Hello, I did a complet cleaning and the belts adjustement and it was a good thing the belts was a bit loose, how ever doesn’t fix my issue, I redone my project from scratch and it works great.
If re-open my initial project its start to do the same, I guess there’s a bug in that file.
Thanks for your inputs.