Problem with "move laser to... selection" Rotary

I have a problem with the option “move laser to… selection” when I am in rotary mode.

The diameter is set correctly in the rotary tool and when I run test rotary, it move exactly like it suppose.
But when I use the option “move laser to… selection”, it move but make like 3 to 4 complet turn instead just move like it suppose. But, if I use the option “Frame” to see where the engrave will be, it move where it suppose correctly. And when I start the burning, it burn exactly the good size.

Does it happen only with me, Did I have a wrong setting somewhere?

I am beginner in burning, with Lightburn and in forum community, If you need some informations, pictures, data, to help me, let me know what you need and I will proceed.

thank you

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