Problem with my 6550

I got a new 6550 with a 3watt laser. New to this cnc community.
I believe I have everything setup correctly but when I click the start button the laser moves to the right all the way and hits the end of the X axis and starts making noise. When I use the frame function same thing happens. What am I doing wrong?

Hi, could you upload a picture of you ‘device’ settings.
What comp system you’re using, windows, mac etc etc.

I have windows 10.

I am using a cnc2-6550 frame, does your unit have limit switches? I have added some on my frame as well as modded my frame to have dual y motors instead of a long smooth rod connecting one motor to the other side. If you don’t have limit switches i would turn off auto home on startup, you need to post the output of $$ from the console window, your issue could be related to the steps per mm setting of you motors. If you don’t have limit switches then the unit is going to make home position equal to where laser is point to at start up, so i would move it to the front left corner before you power everything up, that would be 0,0 after start up. If you want to change the origin, you can move it where you want and make a button that issues G92 X0 Y0 which would set that point as home or 0,0. What i do now with my machine is auto home to my limit switches which is front left, i can move it around to where i want my origin to be and hit the set origin in the move screen, but make sure when you do this that you set the “start from” option to “user origin”.

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Hi, i had a similar problem a while back with laser hitting the sides and after going through all the settings, realised the width and length were the wrong way round.
6550’s are not all built the same.
Hopefully it could be your part of your solution answer.

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