Problem with OS flavor and LB

I sent LB an inquiry about which flavor of linux would LB. work in if any. Well I got an answer back that I thought was a waste of time. So here I am, (where I should have come to in the first place!).

I’m trying to find out “WHICH” flavor of Linux that LB will operate in. LB. said it will run in one of the Linux versions. I guess they don’t know which one. Now I’m hoping that one of you fine folks can help me out a little here. Does anyone know which “flavor” of Linux that L.B. Will run in?

Thank you for your time in this matter.


There are some hints in the system requirements:

64 bit Linux (Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 20.04 or Fedora 28+, anything else may not work as intended).

Look for a version that supports glibc 2.29 - Ubuntu 20+ or Fedora 30+

Seddi / Nich: Thank you both. I’m looking into it now. I have Raspberry Pi -4b w/ 4gig ram. (correct me if I;m wrong here) the thing is made so that I had to run Linux, which is what I want. I think I am running Rasbian OS, (is that right?) Any way, thank you very much.

this is a 7" touch screen plugged into the PI-4B.
works great

See this post:

Manjaro Linux enters the chat …

One desktop upstairs, one perched atop the OMTech laser, connected by wired Ethernet: works perfectly!

They’re both off-lease Dell Optiplexes bought long before the current shortages, so they’re less prone to fussy behavior than laptops, but are otherwise unremarkable x86 boxes. Both running dual displays & keyboards.

LB was installed & updated using successive *.run files without any drama.

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