Problem with print size

Hi all ! my friend buy a cnc 3018pro and have a problem with lightburn, when he prints small drawings it’s ok but not against when you have a bigger object he never finishes it. on the attached picture you can see the top that doesn’t finish it and little dawings perfect what do you think it comes from (picture with artkinson spec same speed and power for twice picture.

@LightBurn do you think it’s material problem or software problem ? :confused:

I think it’s possibly a problem with your Y axis stalling. That looks like the X axis did what it was supposed to, but the Y axis stopped, and so the last part of the design was all output at the same Y height, squishing it all together.

Check to make sure that the Y axis moves far enough, and that you don’t have a wire coming loose, something on the Y axis preventing the motor from going further, or something like that. It’s not likely a software problem.

Ok thank you for fast response and sorry for the tag…

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