Problem With Ruida 6445 Over TCP

Hi, i have bought a New Ruida 6445G and i am trying LightBurn Software.
I am having problems to send Data to the new controller. When i send The Cut command, i got an error of comunication, i try again, i got the same error and on the 3rd Attempt the command works perfect.
i have the connection over TCP With an static IP address. if i ping the ip, the result is OK
What can i do?

Are you using a cable, or WIFI? Ruida controllers use UDP, not TCP, so connecting wirelessly is not recommended, as they have a nasty habit of dropping packets, and the Ruida protocol does not include a retry mechanism.

Thanks For Response, I have the controller connected over UTP Cable to a Router and the router is connected By wifi to my laptop.

WIFI is likely the problem.

then i cant use wifi for send data to ruida? even if i connect the ruida to a switch?

UDP, the protocol used by Ruida, does not guarantee delivery of data. The Ruida transfer mechanism is almost stupid - it sends a block of data, then waits for a reply that says “ok”, and sends the next one. If it never gets the “ok”, it cancels the transfer - there is no mechanism for retrying.

WIFI drops packets all the time because the WIFI frequency band is used by lots of other devices, and even multiple WIFI devices often interfere with each other (called collisions) but TCP handles this gracefully so you never really notice it. UDP doesn’t, so a direct wire, or a wired connection through a router is recommended.

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