Problem with setting after stop of the burning

Is there any way to set the startpoint after I have stop burning,
so the laser get to the first burning point
I have set it to current position, but some times I decide to stop burning
before it is finished and go to starting point.

Sorry if this sounds crazy

I set an origin on my Ruida controller, once I have the head where I want it. Then it returns there after each project. If I cancel the project, it’ll return there as well. You could always set a specific x/y coords as your home, and use the controls in LB to move your laser head there.

Same here. I have set a custom origin and the controller will return to that point after finishing the job.
I use it to get the gantry out of the way for loading and unloading. It also helps with the placement of clamps.

With GCode systems you can use ‘User Origin’ mode, and there is a button to Go to Origin that will send the laser there. Position the laser at the start point of your job like you would with ‘Current Position’ mode, then click the ‘Set Origin’ button to mark the location. You can return to that spot at any time with the ‘Go to Origin’ button after that.

Sorry Oz
That didn´t work
it still moving to the left corner
when I say go to origin

It goes to where you have set your origin. You have to click ‘Set Origin’ with the machine where you’d like the origin to be, and then when you click ‘Go to Origin’ it should go back there. If you don’t set one, it defaults to X0 Y0, which should be front-left with your machine.

I have tried what you say
but it still move to X0Y0
down left.

What’s the issue with homing to your front left corner? Does it make a difference in how you run your projects?

Oooh - You need to set the ‘Finish position’ value - it’s different than the origin. You worded in a way that I misunderstood, so I apologize. Click anywhere on the page that you like, and then press the ‘Set Finish Position’ button. You can also go to Edit > Device Settings and disable it completely, or enter a coordinate to use.

In the middle here:

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