Problem with sofware cutting

Good morning, I have two problems with my laser, I do not know if they are software or hardware problems, the question is that using this design for example (it is a dxf what I use) 1) there are lines that deform, and they deform a lot As you can see in these images, even one of the circles was deformed so much that a line was drawn inside.

The second problem is that very clear lines are drawn that should not be there, the transictions between one part of the design to another part of the design, where the laser moves, there should not be anything else, however a small line is drawn that Join the designs, I do not know how to explain this well but it is very odd in the image, these lines should not be there (the thin and clear lines) but nevertheless there are …

Thank you so much!

Looks mechanical to me. Loose belts, binding travel, base not square, something is sloppy causing this, check all hardware is assembled as intended, snug but not overly tight. :slight_smile:

Check that Laser Mode is set On, $32=1 to solve the traversal burning.


Thanks Rick and Michael, i write that two commands on the console windows right?

i have several days dealing with this irregular lines… i tight all screw etc, :c still don`t solve, maeby can be the base where i have the laser on, i will check that tomorrow.

to check the laser mode, i have to write that command on the console windows right?

Yes, you can do that from the ‘Console’ window. Console Window - LightBurn Software Documentation

Or you can read, change, review, save and load all your firmware settings from the ‘Machine Settings’ window as well. Machine Settings - LightBurn Software Documentation

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i think i get it, i will try tomorrow and summit an
update, thanks!

… just in case, if you draw a circle or other shape in LightBurn, they show the same errors? (It could be that your dxf is just a bad scan)

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i draw a circle and it have the same problem!, i check the belt tension and is a bit better, thanks! is not perfect but is better the before, i have to guess with the belt tension i not found a exatly formula to find the best tension xdd.

thanks for your help, i do that and the machine is working great, that fix my problem, but i learn, that after sometime, even if i never close lightburn, the machine will “reset” and i have to type that on the consale again, i was playing around with the machine and the same problem happent with another design, so i write that text on the console, and the problem was fixed again, very strange, but well i guess i just type the text before burning anything

i don`t think, i finish a design and right there continue to another, leaving just minutes in between each design, but after one hour of use, the laser was having the same issue again , so i type the command on the console, the the issue was solve again so i am not sure what is happening…

i type $31 = 0 and #32 = 1.

and about the pc… i use a laptop and change the setting to never hibernate, and also i change the setting to never shut down the usb to save power (i did all this before use the laser) and still have the problem, i am not sure what is happening but a least i know that if i type that command on the console before start the laser everything is fine… xd

Check the Neje setup page for help,

Specifically the details for updating firmware etc… Hope that helps.

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i will do that way! i don´t do that before becouse i am a bit noob and i get a bit confuse with that haha but you explain so easy so now problem, thanks for your help bro!

that information is really helpful, thanks bro!

I doubt it’s a problem you can solve on your own. Maybe hiring or asking software developer for help? Rocketech company is a nice one, from my experience.

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