Problem with Special Characters after v1.2.03 upgrade

Hi There I used to write
But after the upgrade I get this
Do I need to do something different to now use the “DEGREE” symbol?

I’d send this to… Send the offending files so they can reproduce the issue.

How do you enter the degree character?

We’ll ask @JohnJohn, maybe he knows of this issue…


I will attempt to replicate here. this is interesting
Your profile says Win 10, and Ottawa Canada, are you using a US English or Canadian French keyboard? (We’ve seen a few German keyboards do novel things - so confirming keyboard type may help solve it)

I’m not able to replicate the problem here. This is what I see:

One’s using ‘Alt+0176’ and the other is pasted from Character Map. Both are using Arial but I get the same with other fonts.

If willing, you can open the ‘Edit Text Shape’ window, which should allow keyboard entry as you describe. Please confirm. :slight_smile:

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Thank You!

This comment was interesting and something I had not considered… I am using Win 10 English Keyboard but a font that I downloaded from DAFONT and perhaps the font does not support the character! I open Word type in 33 - open the special character menu and insert the Degree symbol then I copy and paste that into Lightburn … i will try it with ARIAL font and let you know perhaps it is the font that I am using that does not support the character.

How I got around the issue was to draw a circle and duplicate it make it a bit larger and set it on a fill layer … that got me past the issue … I have not yet worked with Editing Text Shapes

I wanted answers for myself that didn’t involve drawing circles.

Held the window(s) key and R to reach the run box (almost command line).

In the Run window type charmap and press enter.
Copy and paste the degree symbol or whatever else you need.

On my Win 10 laptop I couldn’t get Alt 0176 to work until I plugged in a usb keyboard and turned on Number lock. In the Edit Text Shape dialogue box (while editing text) hold the Alt key and key in 0176 on the number pad on the far right. When the alt key is released the degree symbol appears. The top row numbers do not create the special character.

Filled circles may offer novel behaviour compared to conventional text. If you’re doing one piece of art and you’ve cleared the hurdle that’s a win. If you have to remove the letters from a background or do a novel internal fill you may have to revisit.

Thank You John I will give that a try

Is there a Linux equivalent?


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