Problem with the power level when using the fire button

When the Power level is set at say 1% the PWM signal to the laser is actually at 10%. Likewise 5% comes out at 50% and so on. Anything 10% and above is full power.
I used a scope on the PWM input at the laser to confirm this.
Using the terminal setting S to 10, M4, G91, G1 X10 shows a correctly formed 10% duty cycle so it isn’t a settings issue and would appear to be something to do with the setting in LightBurn.

Additional. This also applies to cutting. Set the level to 5% for cutting and the laser
PWM is set at 50%.

FIXED: OK it seems that the setting of S-Value Max was at 1000. Changed to 100 and it now works correctly. Probably my fault when setting up the new NEJE laser that I didn’t check what that meant.

Usually this goes the other way - The controller is typically set to 1000 ($30=1000) and the S-value is set to match. Using 1000 gives a little more range to work with.

When I was checking the config.h and default.h to adjust for my build I saw this and figured setting it to 100 made more sense as it would give a direct correlation with percentage. I did consider the range thing but testing showed that fractional values were possible, and the PWM output on the Arduino has only 256 values so it wouldn’t have too much use setting it to 1000.

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