Problem with up and down arrorws at the Width,Height,... @ Linux

Hey at all,

i’m a new Lighburn User from Germany.
Great Software but i have a small problem at my Linux Laptop which is my Laser PC.

The up and down Arrows at the Width, Height, XPos and YPos has no Function.
The rotate buttons are OK.
This is only at the Linux System. I can there only type in a value but not “scroll” up and down.

Any Idea?

I use the newest release 0.9.19

What version of Linux are you running? (I just tried this on Windows, and it works as expected)


i have only problems at my linux maschine. (My Windows desktop instance is working as it should)
It is a lightweight ubuntu disribution.[ ]

VERSION=“20.10 (Groovy Gorilla)”
PRETTY_NAME=“Ubuntu 20.10”

If you want acces over teamviewer, contact me :wink:

Best regards

Hello again,
i have test it with a other linux version without sucess.
No it is debian 10 (buster)

VERSION=“19 (patito feo)”
PRETTY_NAME=“MX 19 (patito feo)”
PRETTY_NAME=“MX 19.3 patito feo”
DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION=“MX 19.3 patito feo”
PRETTY_NAME=“Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)”
NAME=“Debian GNU/Linux”
VERSION=“10 (buster)”

Edit: I have test it again on a new installation. At the first start of the programm everything is ok. But the second one, the buttons are greyed out.

Any news on that case?

I’ve investigated, but it appears to be an issue with the framework itself, not the software. I am setting all the appropriate values to tell the controls to accept up / down keys, and it all works correctly on Windows and MacOS.

mhh sh***. The strange thing is, that some arrows will be not greyed out like the one of the rotation.
And also at the first start, everything is fine.
Do you have any idea?

I would like to use a old laptop as laserserver. Windows is very slow on that unit ;-).


Do you have a mouse with a scroll wheel connected to your laptop running Ubuntu? On my windows machine, the scroll wheel of the mouse is of the same function and resolution in change as the clicking of the arrows. Does it work for you to click focus in to the width or height control and adjust with the scroll wheel?

I have a mouse with scroll wheel, but i’m at this moment at work at not at home.
I will test it at home in the evening. [Here in Germany we have 9:00 AM]

Sorry for the late response,

the scroll wheel does also not work.
But What is verry strange. At the first boot of the application, everything is ok and all up and down arrows will work as they should. And now, the buttons of the rotation are also OK.

Any idea?

Best regards

What sholud i do now?

I have no idea why it is not working, or what to offer as a solution. It is only happening on Linux, not on MacOS or Windows, so this looks like an issue with the OS framework, not LightBurn itself. It will take some time for me to dig in to try to understand if I can even change it.

yes only on linux but with diffrent versions. I can use the tool now on 3 devices, thank you for that. Strange is, that is work on the rotation button. There must be a diffrent bettween this buttons. It would be nice if you can keep me informed if you found a solution.

Best regards

FWIW, the arrows seem to work fine on Linux Mint 19.3

I have tets it on Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster) and Ubuntu 20.10.
@LightBurn Have you seen the problem on your side or only in my describtion?

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