Problem with welded object missing output

I have created a welded object which looks fine on the preview, but has parts missing when burned.The interleaved fingers attach to the horizontal line but there is a gap in the burned output. I have attached screen shots and a photo. Using the latest version.

Also the Tool path T1 or T2 does not Frame even when the switch is set to on. Is this a bug?

Laser Induced Grahine.lbrn (29.7 KB)

I don’t understand what you mean by “there is a gap in the burned output”, and the picture is not clear.

You used Flood Fill, and you shouldn’t. Set it to burn all shapes at once, and turn off flood fill (advanced tab) as that will often result in mismatched parts if the laser is not perfectly tuned.

Oz if you look the preview you can see that alternate vertical lines connect to the horizontal lines, one at the top, the next at the bottom and so on. If you look at the photo of the burned matrix you will see that the vertical lines have a gap instead of making a connection to the horizontal lines.

I suspect this is just misalignment caused by using Flood Fill. Try without and compare the results.

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