Problem with Z origin - set Z0

I own a CNC grbl 1.1f with a neje diode laser on it.
Endstop are back-right and Z home is at Z max
I followed the documentation on how to set a workspace offset for negative coordinate machine like mine

My machine is 540mm on X and 910mm on Y.
Z zeroes @+35mm machine workspace
In my case I set
G10 L2 P1 X-540 Y-910
So if I make a home machine and then tell lightburn to go X0 Y0 all is fine.
But Z is zero at homing position (+35mm)
I then lower Z to focus level and If I tell lightburn to cut in absolute positions the cut start but Z returns to zero (+35 in machine coordinates).
Is there some way to set Z zero workspace coordinate at focus height?
So I can tell lightburn to go X0/Y0 then lower Z at focus and set Z0?
This height changes in relation to piece thickness…
Something similar to what I do with milling operations…

I found the solution. I must set relative Z movements in setup

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