Problemas boton inicio (home button problems)

Me aparece bloqueado el boton de inicio y no me deja empezar el trabajo, actualice a Lightburn 1.4.00, que pero hacer, está bien conectada la maquína. Tengo una Sculpfun s9

The start button appears blocked and it does not let me start the work, update to Lightburn 1.4.00, but do, the machine is well connected. I have a Sculpfun s9

Options are Grayed-out when they are not available.

Please capture your Console window so connection is verified. :slight_smile:

2023-07-02_01-58-40 consola window

Additionally, your setup doesn’t seem to be correct, your origin is set incorrectly at least. Take a look here on all recommended settings: Setting up the software - Diode Laser Wiki

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