Probleme cu axa Y

Hello, group! I have a Laser Engraver built by myself with a 200x200 work table. In fact, it is a CNC milling machine to which I can also mount the laser diode. I have a problem in LightBurn, if I create a model and run the program on the X axis it makes the movement correctly but on the Y axis it only makes 10% of the distance. To be more precise: if I draw a 20x20 square on the X axis, it moves 20mm, but on the Y axis only 2mm. Can someone help me ?

Have you done the calibrate axis under machine settings?

That Dskall said
Also you can do a $$ in console and confirm your X and Y steps per mm make sense.
Seems you have a disparity on those

If I give the command in the console it works perfectly, only when executing a model this happens

Do you have rotary disabled?

Thanks for the advice, yes rotary was activated. Good evening and thank you once again!

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