Probleme mks dlc32 v2.1 (mks dlc32 v2.1 problem)

Bonjour je possede une carte MKS dlc32 v2.1, j’ai mis le soft xy du github .J’ai un probleme sur mes axes xy. lorsque j’appuie sur une direction x ou y sur mon ecran TFT (ou lasergrbl ou lightburn), les 2 axes bouge en meme temps alors que seul un axe est solicité. J’ai essayé le firmware version cnc et le fonctionnement est normal mais le laser ne fonctionne pas ( $32 eta

Hello I have a MKS dlc32 v2.1 card, I put the xy software from github. I have a problem on my xy axes. when I press on an x ​​or y direction on my TFT screen (or lasergrbl or lightburn), the 2 axes move at the same time while only one axis is solicited. I tried the cnc version firmware and the operation is normal but the laser does not work ( $32 eta

le parametre $32 etant sur 1
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the parameter $32 being on 1
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Some Firmware varieties have a dual motor strategy to drive one axis with two motors. It is less common on Laser engravers and more common on CNC machines.

I would de-couple the stepper motors from the engraver and see if the steppers are moving opposite each other. then i would attempt to connect the stepper motor to a different port on the board.

How many stepper motors do you have on your engraver?

are you sure to have downoladed the correct firmware? It seems you have downloaded the corexy version of the firmware.
Please post here the name of that firmware for check

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Ok, so I’m going to start with the most basic things, just to get the bases covered here.
Are you sure, 100% positive that the X-Axis and Y-Axis are plugged in correctly?
This board has outputs for dual Y-axis connections and if by accident you have both X%Y motors plugged in to the Y1-Axis and Y2-Axis ports, you can see this kind of behavior.

Normal flavors of GRBL do not have a way to drive 4 steppers, so the dual Y-Axis functionality is provided by hardware.

You can see the connections for the two Y-Axis connections in this picture.

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Hello, thank you all for your attention. I wrote to the supplier who told me a firmware normally reserved for a CNC
MKS-DLC32/MKS DLC32+TS24/Firmware/Laser/Normal/Board_V2.0/ V2.0.8_H24_20220107_N.bin
this makes my axes work correctly and I have the laser switched on. I have not yet made additional tests “live” because I have to modify the power supply of the laser, indeed this one is a real 10w (80w commercial) and requires 48w of power … the card is given for 20w maximum, so I have to make a small modification…

thanks for all…I will back if i have another problem

Marc (France)


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