Problems after latest uppdate

First off , thank you so much for a fantastic software , bought my licenses after testing for 3 minutes :slight_smile:

I’m using the Lightburn on my china laser 3018 pro as im waiting for my co2 running Ruida.
since the last upgrade the laser isn’t so easy to use anymore , it seems lightburn send some 'gcode in the startup.

Waiting for connection…
Waiting for connection…
Port opened, waiting for response.


This in turn starts my Z axes down and starts the laser !! the maschine don’t respond to any commands in this state.
What i have found that helps sometimes is to start the lightburn software some minutes before i turn on the laser and attach the cables.

What firmware and what version of the firmware are you running? OS? Version of LightBurn?

Sorry should have included that , LB 9.0.2 ,GRBL 1.1, Windows 10

GRBL 1.1 with which letter afterwards?

See exactly what it says in Console when you connect, and or try sending $N in console to see the response.

Do you have a “Baud Rate” setting in the device settings? If so, check what it’s set to - the standard is 115,200, but it’s possible your machine either wants something else, or isn’t set to that.

The baud rate was set to 115,200 and it is the hz i use if i connect it to Laser Grbl .
Still stuck in the hospital so not able to read of the maschine settings , but it was flashed about 4 months ago with whatever was the newest at the time.

Grbl 1.1f [’$’ for help]

What device have you chosen in LightBurn? (I’m assuming just “GRBL” but I want to make sure)

yes you assume correct , but i have also tried the other ones

LightBurn doesn’t send anything on startup (aside from a couple of “enter” keypresses, to get the laser to respond). Check to make sure you don’t have anything like a loose electrical connection or cable, as that could cause this too.

This is a link to the 0.8.07 installer:

If you can try it and verify that it still works properly, that will tell me that it’s definitely something that’s changed in the comms.

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