Problems after newest update 1.2.01

After the update
Using a multi monitor setup
Open Light burn it will open on the Primary Montor ( Example… Laptop Screen )
I then Move it to the Secondary monitor. ( Example 50 inch)
Most things work fine in the design mode… until you need the menus They will only show up on the Primary Screen. They will open just not centered on the light burn program window. If you click on the >>Help >> About light burn> it will open the new box but it over on the primary monitor not on the program window.

If it is a actual menu window that pops up like the about you can drag it over the top of the program windows from the other screen. But if you are using something like a right click to get to paste it will be on the other monitor

Please share a few screenshots and maybe a video (host on YouTube or other cloud service and make public, then provide link here) to show us exactly what you are experiencing and we can go from there. :slight_smile:

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