Problems after updating lightburn software

Hello to all. I am having problems after updating lightburn software 1.2.03. I am not exactly sure if this is the problem but needed some help to see if anyone else had problems. Both the x and y axis were not travelling the distances i set in lightburn. So i calibrated the axis’s several times and the results were totally inconsistent. I would put a distance of say 100mm in and the axis would move 130mm, i would then adjust in lightburn calibration settings. I would then home the machine and try again, this time it would move only 50mm, i would then input this and try the same process many times and each time could not get it to move to 100mm on both x and y axis. I am using a the new neje dual laser module 40w. My controller shield is Maker Shield CNC Controller and a [Arduino UNO R3 with ATMEL ATMega 328P & Mega 16U2 which was working perfectly as it doesnt use the ch340 driver like the chines arduinos. So i am not sure if it is the updated software, problems with the stepper motors, a problem with the controller or the arduino. Any help would be much appreciated

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