Problems creating the Gcode// Problemas al crear el Gcode

Hola, ayer LB funcionaba correctamente pero hoy, Lightburn no genera el Gcode, bueno, si genera uno pero está vacío (es un documento en blanco) no se qué está pasando. Alguien podría ayudarme? Gracias

Hello, yesterday LB worked correctly but today, Lightburn does not generate the Gcode, well, if it generates one but it is empty (it is a blank document) I don’t know what is happening. Somebody could help me? Thank you

Hello! May you please post some screenshots of what you are seeing?

Waiting for connection appears in the console… could that be the problem?

You will need to connect in order to run a job, yes.

What does your job look like in the preview window? Preview Window - LightBurn Software Documentation

I think the work in the preview window is fine, I share a screenshot with you. I appreciate your help

Ok, so it appears to be generating the gcode correctly, the problem is a connection issue. Has anything about your laser cutter and connection changed between yesterday and today? Have you tried restarting your computer?

I haven’t changed any of the settings. I restart the computer, I also reinstalled LB but nothing happened.

Have you tried a different USB cable?

was using the laser first generated the gcode and then saved it on a card,

try 1000 different ways. If I connect the PC directly to the laser there is no problem and it runs the program to engrave. but if the PC is not connected to the laser, Lightburn does not save the Gcode. I was thinking of buying the subscription, but now I don’t know if I will, I don’t want to keep the PC in the garage

Partly yes, you are not connected to the Laser.

Did you switch to a Mac from the Windows 10 device mentioned in your profile?

What model is the Mac?

Captura de pantalla 2023-06-26 a la(s) 10.36.25 p.m. (crop laser window)

In the Laser window, at the bottom middle button, please select an option with USB Serial or WCH as an option. Watch the Console window for the connection message.

If the Mac is a new or second computer and you were using another computer previously. You can download the correct driver for the Mac here:
and install it.

Mac will ask questions about this installation, you may have to enter your password. Simply clicking ‘OK’ might quit installing.

Are you using a thunderbolt adapter to connect to your Mac?
Some adapters from USB-C to USB-B have data loss problems.

With your project file in place, the way it is shown above, click File, click GCode and save the file. Please change the filename to end with .txt and upload it here. I’ll be happy to take a look.

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