Problems cutting leather

I’m having a big problem cutting leather with my Omtech K40+. 1.33mm thick veg tanned kangaroo leather, falconry grade stuff. When I had a Monport 40w machine it was no problem, but that was well over a year ago and I can’t remember what settings I used.

I’ve tried a ton of settings in LB. Speed at 30mm/s and power at 40%, speed at 40mm/s and power at 50%, and once at 200mm/s with power at 100%. The 200mm/s at 100% cut through it after 5 passes and the piece was charred past the point of usage. I also developed a ‘ramp’ of sorts on the edge that I hadn’t seen before. I plan on adding air assist to my laser today, with the hope that will help. Any settings suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

You had changed 2 variables at a time.
Try for example 20mm/s (1 or 2 pass) 40% power.

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I’ll give that a try and see what happens