Problems drawing a straight line from a curved line

I want to draw a straight line between these half circles, but every time I try it goes to a curved line instead of straight across. What am I doing wrong?

Don’t drag to start the line. Click on the start point and release the button.

That is what I was doing, but its not working. I click and release the button before moving the mouse. Also as soon as I click and release the button you can see a little line pop up above the piece before I even have a chance to move the mouse. Strange.
Hover over where I want line to start

Left click where I want to start and a short line pops up above the cursor

Then releasing the button and moving to the right shows this

Here is a link to the file Flag Case template.lbrn2 - Google Drive
if that helps LightBurn ver 1.4.00

I just downloaded the previous version and it is working correctly now. v 1.3.01
Yay, I guess I will use this version until the next one comes out. Thanks

I believe what you’re experiencing is described and somewhat resolved in this Topic.

Long story short, if extending an existing curve LightBurn will use a curve. If extending a line LightBurn will use a line. You can convert the curve to a line after connecting or use other methods to get around this.

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You can draw a rectangle and overlay the correct sized circles and then use BOOLEAN subtract A-B - done here in solid fill to make it easier to see

select back ground

ctrl-select circles

UseBoolean Subtract


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