Problems engraving leather

Hello guys. I´m new here and new in the laser world. I´m Diego from Argentina. English is not my first language but i´ll do my best.
I have a brand new Laser Master 2, 15w from Ortur.
I work with leather, so i bought it to engrave leather.
I´m having problems with my business logo. Too much coal, impossible to clear it.
Can you help me please finding the proper config? I never use LightBurn. I never use nothing until yesterday. I use GRBL.
But several people told me that LB it´s better. Si i installed the trial version and here i am.

Thanks a lot!

Hello Diego,

Try with more air! or you can also use masking tape.

Thanks Bjorn.
The masking tape works for the areas where the laser doesn´t burn. But my problem is the area where it burns.
I don´think air will be enought.

this is done with a lot of airflow.

(The engraving) the holes are caused by too much power… By me

Nice! Can you send me please the values that you enter?
Can you tell me what kind of air assist are you using please?

Hello Diego,

14% 300 speed
but I have a 80 watt laser so a different machine from yours.

the air supply I use is a compressor

But I noticed more air = less soot

“But I noticed more air = less soot”

That´s very interesting. Do you know a way to build a “home compressor”?

I have one from Amazon, 100€.

This is the one I have:

Because of the low noise

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Thank you very much Bjorn.

Bjorn, one more question. I´m trying to start using LightBurn for engraving. I can´t find a tutorial of the controls for example. GRBL it´s very intuitive, but i can´t even find how to move the laser. Can you help me with this please?

Hey Diego,

I would love to help you but I don’t know anything of GRBL… Someone else should be able to though.
(This is a very helpful community)

It is best to create a new post as you did. Comment questions at the bottom of an unrelated post get lost. I have provided a response here:

I tested my laser on leather for the first time yesterday. It’s a 50W (so probably more like 40W) 500x300mm machine. The first test (left) was at 127mm/s and 15% power. The second one (lower right) was at 127mm/s and 12% power. The third one (top right) was at 254mm/s and 12% power. No air (except for a tiny whisper to keep the lens clean) The laser starts to fire at 10%, so I’m working way on the low side of the power band. The first test burned about 0.5mm in to the leather. The second you can abrely feel that the laser burned into the leather. The third just scorched the leather.

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For air Compressor, you can use an old refrigerator Compressor?

One thought- if you want to engrave leather that has been dyed black- and the laser makes black when it burns the image, you will not get much contrast to be able to easily see the image.

I don’t completely agree with you.
The laser gives your image depth… and if contrast is what you are looking for, one can also dye the leather… it tends to stick better in the laser engraved parts. (See attached examples)

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