Problems joining nodes together

I am having problems snapping nodes together to join shapes. The nodes LOOK like they are together, even when zoomed in as far as possible, but the ‘auto-join shapes’ command does nothing and when trying to preview, get the message that shapes are set to fill but aren’t closed.

I found previous threads saying to make sure no objects are grouped, use the break apart command, then select all the line segments and use the auto-join command again. I have done this but it does not work.

I have tried to pull the nodes apart and move them back together, this does not work either.

I have also tried to use the close path and close path with tolerance commands.

Is there a manual way to join the nodes so i can use fill?

Are you able to post your file here and a screenshot indicating the part that won’t join?

I’m havng the same problem with multiple files. This is one example.
Screenshot_20220428-161702.lbrn2 (59.4 KB)

I wasn’t sure what shape you were talking about but there was one object that was not closed so I assume that’s what you’re talking about.

I selected that shape, broke it apart, selected all the parts, and used auto-join selected shapes. This resulted in a closed shape. Not sure what you might be doing differently.

closed.lbrn2 (59.3 KB)

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