Problems running xtool d1 10w system after 1.3 lightburn update

Good evening all,
Has anyone else had issues with the new update causing problems with their laser systems ???
and what i mean with problems is, after i downloaded and installed my update. my xtool d1 10w started to move very, very slowly. not like it worked prior to the installation of the update. there are no error codes, i’ve tried adjusting the movement speed, i’ve reinstalled the update, i’ve installed a previous version that did work. but no longer works. i even unstalled light burn and reinstalled the program and after doing all of that it still does not work like it did the other day when running version 1.2.04 which i have reinstalled and tried with no change. so if any of you fine upstanding laser pioneers have any suggestions or ideas that would possibly work please let me know… thank you very much and have a great evening.

If you are talking about framing, try to change this.

i am having the same issue, I changed to what was said above and its faster, but not as fast as it was…

Mine is set to 1500. That is where I want it.
Change yours to whatever you want. Higher number, faster.

Thanks for the help this is what it was lacking… thank you very much.

try what bikemike has offered i jumped mine up to 1800 and that worked

Thanks Big Mike. I had the same issue. Emailed Lightburn about it and, of course, no response. I really wish they could check and double check updates before releasing them. Of course, I do understand that such a process would be almost impossible, given all of the different lasers they support. Still the best software out there in my humble opinion.

I have emailed the lightburn team and never waited more that 5 min for a reply.
There is no way they can check everyone’s personal machine to see if everything is working.
I have not had any problems with any updates. But sometimes you have to look at the problem and solve it. I have had problems, and glad I didn’t ask for help before that slap in the head moment knowing I could fix that problem.

I’m having the same issue, just updated the firmware on my D1 standard through XCS and I updated LB as well. My speed in the move tab is 6,000 mm/m, z speed is 600.

It’s slow when I’m engraving a photograph, no matter how it’s formatted (jpg, bmp, png, etc) , DPI, nothing makes a difference. However, it operates as intended when I go to a “line” layer and mark out a shape. Not in framing, actually running the layer start to finish.

der Arduino verträgt fast keine neuen Rechner!
also Windows7 installieren und schon ist es bei mir gegangen!

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