Problems setting different parameters for different lines

Hi - I’m making a badge for a local charity and I can’t find a way to apply different parameters to different lines I have annotated the Lightburn File which shows what I’m trying to achieve I want to end up with a “saw” completely cut out with a hole in the main handle and 4 holes to simulate screw holes the all the text cut out completely - It’s a bit urgent as its a badge for an Owl nesting box that Shrewsbury Men’s Shed (UK)
mens shed saw full sheet.lbrn2 (180.1 KB)
are making for the RSPB (Royal Society For the Protection of Birds)

Hi Geoff,

If you need lines to achieve different purposes, it’s best practice to place those lines on a separate layer just as you did with the cut-out holes. You’re on the right path. Keep going!

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Thanks - a local buddy put me right lesson learned!

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