Problems Setting Up The Gweike Cloud

Hiya, this is my first time using Lightburn as it seems to be what works with my brand new Gweike Cloud.

Getting quite desperate as I am supposed to be setting up a main business, it arrived four week later than promised and I just cannot get the thing to work. Currently my bank account is swindling fast.

Whilst new to Gweike, this is the fourth Laser I’ve used and has already taken up more setup time than all the other lasers combined, by at least double.

So many things wrong with it, which so far has taken up eight hours of support from the manufacture and probably double that setting it up. It can’t get lightburn to cut and I can’t get the in house software to raster and it won’t engrave in either. At first I thought it was a focussing issue as all the lines come out extremely broad, but it cuts fine with the cloud software.

Currently when I go to print the fan kicks in for a few seconds and then turns off.

The camera works with the in house software but not with lightburn. The whole idea about getting this machine was that it came with a camera.

I get the feeling I am missing something fairly fundamental here but having watched every video I can find and looked in every forum, I just can’t figure it out.

What can’t you get to work and how isn’t it working?

I assume Lightburn is connecting?

Are you connected via usb or Ethernet?

Is the machine homing properly?

Can you control it with Lightburn? Move the head?

Do you know which Ruida controller you have in the machine?

We can’t solve multiple problems very efficiently. So we need to start at the beginning and work from there…


Thanks for the prompt response, been at this almost ten hours today.
I assume Lightburn is connecting?
It’s printing after a fashion.

Are you connected via usb or Ethernet?

Is the machine homing properly?
Seems to be. There seems to be some dispute as to the homing point tho

Can you control it with Lightburn? Move the head?
It is working up to a point, it will run a job, just looks worse than anything I have ever done.

Do you know which Ruida controller you have in the machine?
its the 644XG

It sounds like it’s generally operating…

What exactly are you/it doing that is causing you grief?

If possible drop the .lbrn2 file on the reply window and the site will upload it. We can take a look at it for anything that may be obvious.

There shouldn’t be. It only has sensors in one corner, if it’s homing, it’s correct. Maybe you should explain what you mean.


What does it do instead?

Can you define what these terms mean in this context? What are you expecting to happen and what is actually happening?

How are you focusing the laser?

Let’s address this initial set of questions first as this seems most pressing.

Can you provide the following:

  1. screenshot of Edit->Device Settings?
  2. full screenshot of LightBurn with a design ready to burn. Please have Cut and Laser windows visible for the screenshot.

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This can happen if you are trying to engrave too close to the boundaries of the workspace, it needs a few cm clear around the edges (see the diagram in the cloud software).

If your cuts are right on the edge it can happen too, I normally set cuts to start at 0.5 in from the origin.