Problems setting up with new computer

My PC that was controlling my laser died. The hard drive survived so I was able to activate LB on the new PC (desktop running Win 10). I was able to update my settings from the old hard drive. So…now when I turn everything on it all goes as it should until I try to use the frame function. When I do so the head slams to the right side on the X-axis. So hard that it broke my limit sensor switch. I have the new replacement switch and will be replacing that tomorrow to try again.

Thoughts and comments on why this is happening? I’m sure it’s me doing something stupid, just don’t know what. Losing money daily with my laser down…

Please share some screenshots (not phone - hard to see) of the entire LightBurn screen showing the ‘Move’ window, along with the ‘Device Settings’ screen. Odd that the limit switches did not stop travel, as that is what they are designed to do when working properly. :slight_smile:

What does this mean, technically?

Hi Rick,
Thanks for the response. So…timeframe of murphy’s law for me. Turned on my laser about two weeks ago and it slammed into the right side and physically broke the x axis limit switch. I’m guessing the switch must have died electrically causing this. So…I did some hunting around and found the machine settings for x-axis and shut off the x-axis homing while I waited for new switch to arrive. Did some lasering in the mean time with no issues. A few days later the motherboard on my PC died. Bought new PC, contacted you guys and someone made it so we could use our old pass key to activate LB on our new PC. Having access to my old hard drive i took the Prefs.ini file and put it in the new install. I can go in there and see that my old setting are there. I’m wondering if maybe they are not enabled somehow though. Anyway, can’t turn anything on right now as I have wires laying loose in the laser right now till I get a minute to solder in the new limit switch. Not sure if this is what you wanted with the screen shot.

Thanks, yes. For the frame speed, lower the ‘Speed’ setting in the ‘Move’ window. As for the homing and limit switch issues, sounds like you have a plan for that. Let us know how that progresses, and we can go from there. :slight_smile:

Thanks Rick, I’ll let you know either way. Appreciate the help. What should I move the speed down to? About 50 maybe? Or even slower?

I would slow down to where I was confident I could stop the travel (e-stop or otherwise) prior to hitting anything. :wink:

Once you have things working as expected again, you can bring that speed back up again.

Ok, extremely frustrated. One step forward, two steps back. Finally got a chance to install the x-axis limit switch. The old one was physically broken when the laser head slammed to the right. It left me with the chicken and egg question. Did it slam to the right because the limit switch wasn’t working or is the limit switch not working cause the head slammed it and broke it.
Anyway, new switch in today. After soldering it in and turning everything on, for some reason now the camera decided to stop working and is saying I have to go through the entire set up again, not really that big a deal I guess but WHY? When I shut it off two days ago the camera was working fine.

Anyway, the more frustrating problem. If I either hit home on the move screen or to try to use the frame feature for an image that shows on the middle of the work grid the head is still just going all the way to the right albeit at a much slower speed thanks to Rick’s recommendation. However it pins itself to the right side and continues to try to drive right.
I have no idea what is causing this any help, recommendations would be appreciated

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