Problems with Camera Alignment wizard won't capture image

I went through the Lens Calibration Wizard. Then engraved the pattern for Camera Alignment Wizard, it looks good but I can not “Capture Image”. I need to do this to get the image in the right panel so I can select 1 - 4.

Which camera, and which operating system?

Windows 10, and Lightburn camera. Seems like everything was working fine until that almost last step :smiley:

Windows 10 has been a huge pain in the backside lately. They added permissions for cameras and mics, and broke a lot of things it seems. The simple change is to go to Settings, and at the bottom, change ‘Camera Capture System’’ from ‘Custom’ to ‘Default’, which will use older tech, but it’s less likely to be affected by missing updates, driver incompatibilities, etc. Most of the issues I’ve seen with Win10 come down to that, or permissions.

Run Windows update and let your system reboot so everything can be properly applied, and that might help get the Custom capture system working, but the other works fine with the LightBurn camera.

I changed the setting to “Default”, I will do a system update after getting this working. Now I have a new problem. When I turn on Laser, 60W Chinese. It does an auto home, now it is going to stops and keeps on trying to more. U can hear the belt, I immediately turn it off. For me when I homed it would go to the back left corner, looking at it from the front. Not sure how to proceed, is there a way to disable auto home at power on ?

There is a way to disable auto-home - you just click Devices, double-click your laser, click next until you get to the setting, turn it off, click next until Finished.

That said, the camera requires that your laser is homed, and working with absolute coords, so I recommend fixing the homing issue, not avoiding it. It’s likely that either the homing switch isn’t connected properly, the switch is loose and not being triggered by the laser head, or the switch itself is faulty.

I will do testing to night. The Laser is new, only couple months old. It has been working fine, no problems with homing until I tried to do “Camera Alignment Wizard” Could it have change some setting ?

No, that doesn’t change any settings.

User error. The Usb cable for the camera was catching on the mechanism when it went to home, the last 15mm or so. I need to figure out better cable management solution

Same problem here. With a MacBook Pro Mac OS 10.13.6 and Lightburn camera. The last step of “Camera Alignment Wizard” does not feed any image, impossible to finish the process. (Sorry for my english I’m Spanish).


this fixed my problem as well. i was having the issue with LB 9.19

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