Problems with camera installation

Lightburn vers. 1.1.04
I need HELP with camera installation.
Some time ago I installed a camera, everything worked fine but it was never used later.
Today I wanted to try to do something with it, I redid the lens calibration procedure but something is going wrong and I can’t go on.
I printed the circle pattern.
I placed it on the laser bed.
I acquired with score 0.20.
I proceed with NEXT (avanti in italian language)… and I cannot proceed because in the following step the NEXT (avanti in italian language) box is off (not highlighted).
Any help ? Thanks in advance

Screenshot (62)

You need to move the pattern according to the instruction and then push the capture button first. Did you do that?

I didn’t move the pattern as I got a high score. I’ll try later

You really should follow the instructions. The procedure is very carefully crafted and are important for proper calibration.

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