Problems with Exporting all formats

Win 10

Exporting a design from LightBurn cannot be exported properly to any of the three formats.

.AI - blank page using Inkscape v.0.92.
.DXF - blank page using Inkscape, errors using AutoCAD or Fusion 360, blank using online viewers.
.SVG - empty page using GIMP, comes into Inkscape but internal features are solid, and cannot be broken apart. I’ve attached a photo to illustrate.

Every day I’m using LightBurn to create, fix, clean up designs, etc. I need some way of getting the fixed up work back out to clients or into other software(DXF is a big one for me).

I see others are having issues with DXF, Are any others having trouble with exporting in general?

I’ll add the following:

  1. Nothing is grouped
  2. Text has been converted to paths
  3. I pulled the “A” out in the Inkscape photo to show that there is the separate shape of the inside of the A sitting below the exterior lines.

AI format is the cleanest overall. DXF works in everything I’ve tested, but I’ve never tested with an AutoDesk product, and they’re likely picky. I think I’m missing a layer field they’re expecting. For SVG, the content is there, it’s just off the page - I need to fix the viewbox, and the text will work if you don’t convert to paths first, because the shapes need to be combined. This is also on my list to clean up.

Thanks for the info Oz. I’ll try again without text converted. What applications have you tested exported DXF’s in? Is PDF export on your radar for LightBurn?

PDF and modern AI formats are both pretty complicated and verbose. They’re on the radar, but a ways off.

I’ve tested LightBurn DXFs in Aspire, V-Carve, RDWorks, and InkScape, I believe.

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