Problems with laser keep stopping when engraving photo

Hello i am a new laser engraver/builder. I have just built a new laser with a Neje 30w module. Has a 600x400 mm bed. Has 3 axis and all homing/limit end stops. I am using a Maker shield with an Arduino Uno. Machine is fully enclosed. Using latest GRBL. Everything is working well as far as machine co ordinates and movement. My problem is that it will engrave vectors with no problems but when it comes to photos it Always stops part way through the process. I have tried many different settings and also different Usb cables etc. Am using latest Windows 10. When it stops engraving a photo all i get is that it is Busy. This happens every time on different speeds, different laser power, different dpi has anyone any idea of what i am doing wrong? Thanks in advance for any help it is very frustrating. Bruce

Ich bin zwar auch neu hier im Forum, aber das hört sich nach einem Fehler an, den ich selbst hätte und 2 Monate danach gesucht habe. Ich habe jedes Programm ausprobiert was ich gefunden habe und es hat genau 1x funktioniert.
Jedes mal kam irgendwann die Fehlermeldung GRBL funktioniert nicht mehr.
Nun zum Schluss habe ich ein anderes Board genommen und tataa jetzt läuft alles reibungslos. Meine Erkentnis ist, nicht alle Programme laufen auf allen Rechnern. Meine Devise ist, 1 Maschine, 1 Rechner und nix anderes. Vor allem kein Internet. Kein Labtop. Kannst auch mal eine andere Steckdose probieren, kein Kühlschrank, keine Neonröhre oder Waschmaschine, da gibt es auch schon mal Probleme.
Lass es mich wissen, ob es pfuntz.

Hi Bernd,

I translated your message and thank you so much for your help. I ordered another control board yesterday and also i connected the laser module itself to its own dedicated power supply. I also tried adjusting the pots for the stepper drivers and broke one! Hence another new board! They are so small and very fragile. I am 67 years old and my eyesight is not quite as good as it was! So once i get the new board i will be able to see if having a totally seperate supply for the laser module helps. My thoughts were that perhaps too much power was being drawn from the same supply?

Thanks again


Hi Bruce
Hab mich wohl nicht klar ausgedrückt:
Bei mir wahr es der Computer der gesponnen hat.
Ich lasse das GRBL shield mit 24V +16Ah laufen.
3x Nema 17 Motoren + 40W Diodenlaser.

Thanks mate for the information. My computer is a little old. I am running Windows 10 but i also can run Linux. Not sure if Linux may be better or not. I ordered my new board and will test when everything is up and running.