Problems with laser performance

my neje n40630 laser is 4 months old and has been running for about 50 hours. yesterday the performance was quickly less with almost the same setting? unfortunately useless results!
I use marlin on my skr 1.2 pro
1st setting 1500mm/min /60%

2nd setting 1500mm/min /55%
about 5 minutes later

same attitude it was always inaccurate
useless ?
Does anyone have an idea what this could be ?
is the laser already in the bucket?
the focus was always s.der same place!
am grateful for any help
hopefully legible write with translator
Thanks Grassy

Looks to me like your lens may need to be cleaned. May have some soot build up.

Thanks for the tip just did it but without much success???

Set the laser to test fire and wiggle the laser power and control cables.

One user had reported oxidization on the connector pins. Wiggling a problematic cable may make the laser brightness fluctuate.

Wear your safety glasses. :smiley:

50 hours seems like too short for a life span. I hope it is something simple.

Thanks for your help, but I found the culprit.
my air assist nozzle kept blowing on my adjustable lens, became loose and slowly but surely misaligned.
has anyone of you ever had such a problem?
or how can i fix it?
LG from Austria

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Can you lock the lens using a thread locker or by adding teflon tape to make it harder to come lose? I used to simply tape the lens to the body to prevent focus movement when I used an adjustable focus lens. Don’t know if that’s an option for you here.

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