Problems with laser tree K40 module

Greetings to all, I turn to you because I think I have a serious problem with the laser.

On Friday of this week I was doing some engraving tests with the CNC laser machine, without any problem. The next day, I turned on the machine, but something was not right, the signal indicator (green) was on for a few seconds and turned off. Only the red indicator corresponding to the power on continuously turns on, the fans also turn on and the laser guide.

Verify that the connections were solid on the drive adapter board, as well as on the controller card (MKS-DLC32). I did not find any apparent false contact.

I used lightburn as software and verified that the motors responded to the movement indication and moved normally.

I am very new to the topic of cnc and laser cutting. I’ve really run out of ideas of what could happen with my machine.

I hope you can take some time to help me with this problem.

I appreciate your comments in advance.

Do you mean this K40 Laser Diode module?

The TTL signal should pass through the adapter board without modification.

Occasionally, the crimped connectors have a mechanical failure from repeated motion against the crimp instead of some kind of strain relief.

To test the signal wiring for a broken wire, start a job but reduce the power sent to the laser and engrave cheap / scrap material. While the job is running, and with your eye protection / glasses or goggles in place, wiggle each end of each cable that connects the signal from the controller to the laser module. It looks like the TTL signal is through the Yellow wire. If the signal light flickers, while moving one of the cable ends, you may be able to confirm that a cable failure has happened.

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