Problems with not smoth lines

Have problem with lines dont get smoth see picture. Use lightburn and china cutter with RD6445

Any ides? Where to start?

Hi, this is a mechanical problem, adjust the axles, make sure the straps are tight

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It is worth checking the belts etc as @Ashkan4818 suggests. If you have toothed timing belts and a toothed sprocket they fit into, make sure no dirty or paper or other junk has got in the way of the teeth fitting the sprocket. On most cutters this will be at the back on both the left and right on the Y axis and at the right side on the X axis.

There is usually a rod that connects the two sprockets on the Y axis at the back of the machine, check this isn’t loose and that a turn of the rod on the right matches the turning on the left side. Sometimes this is secured to the stepper with a grub screw that can get loose causing these sorts of issues.

I’d also suggest checking that your mirrors and lens are well seated and not loose.

What power and speed settings are you using?

What sort of size is this “China Cutter”, (as nearly all Ruida CO2 laser cutters of any size and shape are made in PRC, it’d be useful to know a lot more about it.

What happens when you setup some simple circles test cuts?

Is this the same all over the bed?

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Many thanks. The axles was the problem


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have nice cut :slightly_smiling_face:

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