Problems with Optimization Settings

I don’t know what changed between the original version I was running and 0.9.09, but the Optimization Settings used to work perfectly for me, and now they are totally hosed.

I have a set of files that have a high level of nesting, which I do on AutoCAD, import, and then I assign priority and grouping, as well as a couple different layers.

What I used to do was very simple: I would choose a particular set of parts that I waned cut in a group in a particular order which was generally inside-out but also alternating adjacent cuts to minimize some laser bed issues (simply “Cut inner shapes first” didn’t work specifically to the order I desired). Then after applying the priority, I would group these parts and move on to the next group.

Recently, instead of applying priority to the adjacent cuts (which was tedious) I simple put them on different color layers.

What I WANT is to cut everything group by group, and within that group, cut everything according to priority, and within that priority, cut everything according to layer order.

So the first priority (zero) is the one with the layering - I have 2 layers, everything on zero (red and magenta layers)

Everything else is on layer = black. I assign priorities moving outwards: 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. Then I group it.


I would expect that when I set the “Order By” to Group > Priority > Layer, that it would cut as I intend

It does not.

I tried every order of these settings and none of them work anymore. They used to work fine!

It appears that only the top priority item is considered. No matter what I do, the preview does something that is totally unexpected.

I have messed around with this endlessly and I cannot get it to work like it used to. I am forced to work around this in a rather frustrating and time-consuming way: Assign everything priority in order from zero to like 100 to force everything to cut in the specific order that I require parts to be cut, and use only “Order by Priority”


Can you provide an example file? (you can email it to support at lightburnsoftware if you aren’t comfortable posting it here)

0.9.09 isn’t current, so you’ll also need to post your optimization settings. Newer versions of LightBurn save the settings with the file, but I’m not sure if that was in place for 0.9.09.

There was an issue at one point with priority ordering numbers being messed up by grouping, but that’s been fixed, so it might be as easy as just updating to the current version.

I just renewed so I’ll try that. But, I just got done spending 2 hours laying out by priority so it’ll have to wait for another day.

Upgraded to 10.

As far as I can tell, this is still not fixed. I have an etch file that I’m working on now that has a logo, some lines, and some letters. These are all created in Autocad, saved as a DXF, and imported. I have a set of lines and numbers on the same layer/color, and it doesn’t matter if I assign priority to the numbers and group them and then set the order by to priority/group or group/priority, the program just seems to do whatever it wants

We’re at 0.9.14 now, so I suspect you have another update coming. We moved to a new server, and 0.9.10 was the last on the old server, which is probably why. That version will point you at the new one.

I asked before:

You can keep telling me that it’s wrong, or you can send me the file with the problems you’re seeing so I can figure out what’s happening and fix it.

Updated to 14, it’s worse now. I can’t honestly tell what is going on but priority, grouping, and layers are apparently completely ignored. I’ll send you the file.

In the meantime, I’m about ready to downgrade about 10 versions to the original one I was working with, which worked perfectly for every file I made.