Problems with sending to the laser

Can anybody help me out. The program keeps saying that: problem sending data to laser. Normally when I start up it also shows in the side screen that it is connecting but this does not come either. and i don’t do anything different than usual.

Het programma blijft maar aangeven dat: probleem bij het verzenden van gegevens naar laser. normaal als ik opstart komt er ook in het zij scherm dat ie verbinding aan het maken is maar ook dit komt niet. en ik doe niets anders dan normaal

It may help to tell us about your setup:

  • what brand/model laser

  • what operating system, eg. Windows 10, MAC OS, Linux

  • what method, eg. usb, direct ethernet, LAN, WiFi

  • what you have done to diagnose the problem, eg. unplugged-replugged cable, changed the cable, checked if the computer will connect to another device on the same port, etc.

  • have you recently updated any software, eg. operating system, Lightburn etc.

  • any error messages

  • if using usb connection, have you tried reinstalling/updating your FTDI driver. I believe this is packaged with Lightburn and normally only needs to be installed once but hey, may be worth a try.