Problems with the display of lines

Since yesterday I have had problems with the display of lines. I need the lines to create two-dimensional drawings for cutting.
When I draw a line that starts from another line, this new line takes on the shape and colour of the old one and even links them together.
Where and how can I undo this so that, for example, if I draw a red line and then a blue line at right angles to it, the lines remain separate and retain their colour as before?

You can draw a square, for example, on a layer/color and then with alt+b break the shape into 4 pieces. Then you make the elements you wanted on a new layer and determine the color/layer.

The alt+b does not work for me

Try Arrange->Break Apart.

Sorry, I wasn’t precise.
On my mac, I draw a square, select it and “Convert to Path” then I press “alt+b”.
Otherwise, of course @berainlb suggestion also works after you have marked your shape.

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