Problems with the starting point - unknown offset in y direction?

I have a Sculfun S30 Pro 20W with the expansion kit. In Lightburn I saved the enlarged workspace.
If I connect the laser and click on “Starting point”, then it is often the case that it does not initialize at x=0, y=0, but stops at x=0 and y about offset from about 150 and sets the value in the software to 0/ 0. If I click on “Starting point” again, it really goes to the absolute 0/0 point.

I always start my projects in such a way that the laser should start from the current position. That usually works, but now, in the middle of my work on a larger project, he suddenly shifted the other elements up by this offset of 150 and thus destroyed everything.

Can you explain this strange behavior? What can I do?

What do you mean by “starting point”? There is a function called “homing”, which moves the laser to the initial position at the limit switches (front-left). After doing this, the position is set to 0,0.
Then, there is the function “origin”, this position can be set manually. Which one did you use?

You are right, if you use current position as start, the actual laser coordinate doesn’t matter. But the laser should never add any offset while running a project. Or did you stop in between?

Yes, I mean homing - this was my translation from the german word.
No I haven’t stopped between the project. I wanted to post the written comands from the console - to be able to understand this behaviour, but unfortunately I closed the program before copying the text. Is it anywhere stored?

Also realized in former projects that sometime the formes to be lasered were broken / interrupted - and I don’t know why. Perhaps something is disturbing?

If the position is not set to 0,0 after homing, there might be an issue with the firmware. You can try to re-flash it (see here: Firmware Update & Settings - Diode Laser Wiki). There is a German version of the page available if that’s easier.
We can also continue in German here and just add an automatic translation for the international public.

The text of the console is not stored as far as I know. Maybe you can try to reproduce the behavior? And maybe also show the settings you used for the project.

Hi Melvin, thanks for your answer! English is OK, I just didn’t know the name of the button in English. I have bought an "SCULPFUN S30 PRO MAX 20W " which firmware do I have to flash for it?

That’s the “S30” firmware. It’s the same for all S30 models.