Process of burning a photograph

Hey everyone. I’ve dialed in my settings pretty good for basic silhouettes, shapes, and images…but now I would like to try burning a photograph. I want to try to just take a picture off a friend’s Facebook to use as a wedding gift. What is the process of taking this image and editing and getting it ready to burn? I have an LE5040. Thank you guys so much in advance for the help!

Here you can learn from the master himself!

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Most/all of the settings you will need are in LB.

One of the devs wrote a great post explaining how to do it, beginning to end.

Search for ‘photographs’ and you will get lots of info.

Image Settings - LightBurn Software Documentation Is the documentation.

The Lightburn YouTube channel has a ton of how-tos and other independent vloggers have scripted extensive video how-tos for phot editing, like TLUSA

Unless you thought you were the first person to ever engrave with a laser, it’s a safe bet someone will have written tons of stuff about how to do it, already.


the better the picture the better the results, depending on the picture dpi, i run my stuff thru Corel draw and I have used several mothers like the gold method and others but you have to play around with each image to tweak each one.