Products Design - S14 ( Chandelier )

Hi guys ,
it’s my first time to post here . So,
My name is Abdo Habib . Graphic Designer and owned Laser cut machine in Alexandria,Egypt .
Also, owned Gallery for Chandelier, Wall lamp, Floor lamp, Abajor … ETC . The gallery for wooden laser cut products only .
We also have a section for decoration for wall panel .
i have more to share . But the first product I will show is my favorite .

S-14 ( Chandelier )

Dimensions :
H : 30 CM
W : 45 CM

MDF 4 mm
6 Lamps

Tell me in your comment if you would like to see moor !!

Thank you .

Very nice design! Do you sell the chandelier or the file for he design or both?

Greetings from Pacific Northwest USA and welcome to our forum.


Thank you Sasquatch :heart_eyes:
i sell both, because i have a small factory and Gallery to show my products .
you can check it here :

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@AbdoHabib. I looked at you site. I have limited access because we do not do Facebook. Nice creations and designs.



Cheers :beer: