Program and Burn don't match up

I load a picture into LightBurn and adjust the Width and Height. When I start the burn the size is much bigger then what is on the program.? Is there a calibration I need to check?

The units of measure in settings ?

I did go in Settings under Display & Units and change it from MM/min to Inches/ min. Do I also need to go under File settings in the settings tab and change to inches in the DXF settings?

It depends on the unit of measurement in which they are stored. It can give an unfortunate mixture. But I will try it and just go back if it does not fit.
By the way, you can change the measuring unit itself live in the main window, so you can quickly switch between mm or inches to control the measuring. (next to the rotation tool)

I will give it a try later when I am by the machine. Thank you.

You are better to always work in mm. Source and machine.

Have you calibrated you axis steps.

Draw a square, say 50mm x 50mm with the laser.
Go to machine setting and use the calibrate axis button. Enter the desired and actual lengths of each respective axis and it will adjust your steps to give you a more accurate result.

Retest to check calibration.

Marco, I do not think it is Aaron struggling with, but you are right, it is important that the machine is adjusted correctly.

Bo - This is also my recommendation but I have it easy, I come from the decimal world and know that it is not so easy to just replace the entire unit of measurement system, so I am a little reluctant with this recommendation.

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