Program dimensions differ from engraving/cut

Atomstack x20 has ran good since I got it in July. Turned it on yesterday and noticed my engraving was squished. Ran a 100mmx100mm test and it came out like the pictures provided. Hooked it up to my ortur and gave the same result so it’s not a machine issue. I did calibrate axis with my results and got a perfect 100mmx100mm square, but it caused more issues than it solved (now created wobbly lines because the Y axis moves faster than the X axis from the calibration. How do I fix this or possibly download a version older than 1.3.01 to see if this resolved the issue

You haven’t attached a full screenshot but do you possibly have rotary enabled?

Omg it was :joy:

I must have bumped it active by accident. Thank you so much!!!

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