Program on 2 computers?

We signed up a couple of months ago, but Lightburn didnt cover ‘Top Wisdom’ laser machine, so we were not able to take advantage of the free trial period,
Lightburn sent a new code today, this is fine on the table computer but I cannot get to change the code number on my laptop, which connects to laser cutter.

found this…


Mar 12

If you want to move an install of LightBurn to a new computer, follow these simple steps: want to run on 2 home computers, table where most work is done then transfer to laptop_

* Run LightBurn on the current machine

  • Go to Help => License Activation and Trial
  • Click “Deactivate License” to remove the license from this machine
  • LightBurn will automatically quit


  • Run LightBurn on the new computer
  • Enter the license key when prompted

That’s it!

Note that if you have a hard drive failure or cannot run LightBurn on the old machine for some reason, we can deactivate the old machine for you - contact us via email. how do we find email???

Hi Dorothy,

When you say, “LightBurn sent a new code today”, what do you mean exactly? Email is support at LightBurnSoftware dot com (and can be found on our Contact page on the website, here: )

If you requested a trial extension, we just tell the license server to extend it, and there’s no new code sent to you. If your trial has expired on the laptop, copy & paste the trial id shown on the license & trial page into an email to the above address and request a trial extension.

the number they sent me is 2c16ca2ccbd8f57407d361e1523548d3 Ive tried doing what you suggested but find no good results… my lap still comes up with the error ‘out of time for trial’ I’m thinking if possable can you change things on my lap top like what was suggested in one of the other emails

The code you show there isn’t a LightBurn license. It might be a trial code, but my system isn’t showing that either, and I can’t find any emails in our ticket support system or our online order system from anyone named Dorothy, so I’m not sure what to say here.

It sounds like you’re running a trial version. If that’s true, select the Trial ID text shown on the page that says the trial has expired, right click it, and choose ‘Copy’. Then paste that into a reply here, and I can extend your trial period for you.

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