Program transfer to second computer

Good morning all. I am doing my designing on one computer with lightburn and running my laser from another, how do I send the finished pgm file to the other computer. Can I put it in an E-mail and send it to myself?
thank you in advance
Slavko Popovich
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that or, put it on a USB key - I sneakernet files all the time.

I use a usb thumb drive to transfer files from my desktop to the laptop an added advantage is yet another backup of the files

Just make sure that both computers have the same fonts installed. If they don’t, the text objects will look funny.

I use my drop box account and all the laser jobs automatically sync from my design PC to the local dropbox folder on the Laser control PC. Of course internet access required on both PCs.



I also use a encrypted cloud sync program to keep stuff in sync (including fonts).
If you do not want this you could either use a local NAS or you could share a folder from your production PC and then drop files in that shared folder from your office pc

Thanks for your help. I think I will try the flash drive method first .

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