Programmer needed in baltimore maryland area

I have a new Boss Laser LS-1420.
Is there anyone in the Baltimore (Maryland) that can provide programming assistance?

Tim Higdon
Star Machine

For what? You might get better responses if you layout a bit of what you want to be done. Low-level coding requires a different set of skills from say a front-end developer for website development.

I am also moving this to the General Laser Community section as you have not identified this has anything to do with LightBurn.

Please forgive my ignorance Rick, I’m new to this forum I don’t know where I should or shouldn’t post a question. I’m so sorry for not being more specific as well.
I this is better for you Rick…I was hoping to find a local/experienced user of Light Burn on a Boss Laser Machine. Someone that could help me get started creating text and a logo to engrave our machined (7075-T6) aluminum parts that have been hard anodized+die black+Teflon coated.
I was told that this form was the best place to start looking for help. However the tone you have set in your initial response leads me to think that this is not the case. Rather the forum caters to more experienced users of the site as well as the software.

I believe you were given good advice. Our community makeup includes first-time users that are trying lasering for the very first time through experts with many years of experience using many different types of systems. All are welcome.

I did not intend to offer a “tone”. I was trying to provide you the best chance of getting appropriate responses by suggesting clarity in your post. I was also trying to let you know we have different categories or sections on the forum where you might find a more receptive audience.

As a side, I don’t think you are looking for a programmer, so you might want to edit that as well so you get the correct folks responding. This is intended to get you good responses. I think you are looking for a technical trainer for lasers and LightBurn software. FWIW, I would consider titling this request "Help needed in Baltimore Maryland area - Learning LB & Boss Laser

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I am in Maryland and might be able to help. DM sent.

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